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Welcome to my website. You will find information on my radiology practice and continuing education lectures. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. I look forward to being of service to you and your patients.
It is our priority to provide fast, expert film interpretation and consultations to the chiropractic profession. Same day phone and fax reports are available along with an immediate call report on serious findings.

Mailing labels will be provided. Our office offers flexible billing services to the referring chiropractor, patient or insurance provider.

Downloadable forms:
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· Extremity Notes
· Brain Notes
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, A
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, B
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, C
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, D
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, E
· State of MN X-Ray Rule, F
· Spine Notes
· Chest & Abdomen X-ray Review
· Extremity X-ray Review
· Spine X-ray Review
· Seminar Schedule

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· Curriculum Vitae
· Review Form
· How To Send Digital X-Rays
· VPN How-To

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